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VEV-768/868 is WEIERWEI simulated on-board high-end professional units, high performance, feature-rich, simple, durable. To provide users with complete and reliable on-board communications solutions, to quickly improve the efficiency of the team. In a variety of bumps along the road conditions and poor field conditions, be able to complete the outstanding tasks of command and communication, is a taxi team, public security, logistics, Ju You Drive, and other users can trust.
Direct channel selection, set up sub-encoded audio, view the current channel frequency, to delete the current channel frequency mode, step frequency selection, channel programming model
Random allocation
Coding microphone, linked to the microphone, power cable, mounting brackets, back-10A fuse, 3 × 8 self-tapping screws, 4 × 10 black screws, 5 × 16 self-tapping screws, certificate, warranty card
Software download
频率范围(Frequency Range)
135.000 ~ 160.000 MHz VEV-768 L
150.000 ~ 175.000 MHz VEV-768 H
400.000 ~ 440.000 MHz VEV-868 L
440.000 ~ 475.000 MHz VEV-868 H
频率数目(Number Of Channel)
100 programmable channels
亚音频编码(CTCSS coding)
50 group CtCSS transmit(inner)
50 group receive(options)
频率间隔(Channel Spacing)
5.0/10.0/12.5/25.0 kHz
工作方式(Mode Of Operation)
Simplex or Semi-duplex
天线阻抗(Antenna Impedance)
额定工作电压(Operating Voltage)
接地方式(Mode of ground wrie)
cathode ground wire 44
工作温度范围(Operating Temperature)
-10℃ ~ +55℃
发射功率(Output Power)
L:5W H:25W
杂波辐射(Spurious and image rejection)
≤ -60dB
消耗电流(Current Consumption)
≤ 8A(When transmit @25W)
调制频偏(Maximum Deviation)
≤ ±4.5kHz
调制灵敏度(Sensitivity Adjustment)
2 ~ 20mV
频率稳定度(Frequency Stability)
可用灵敏度(Usable Sensitivity)
0.18uA(12dB SINAD)
门限静噪灵敏度(Squelch Sensitivity Threshold)
≤ 0.2μV
深静噪灵敏度(Tight Squelch Sensitivity)
≤ 3μV
音频输出功率(Audio Oouput)
≥ 3W
音频谐波失真(Audio Distortion)
≤ 10%
音频频率响应(Audio Frequency Response)
300 ~ 30000Hz
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